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How to revive its inactive customers and capitalize on its customers in base

You have a database that contains idle clients but you do not know how to reactivate them or you are wondering if you want to delete them.

Do you have 5 minutes to read this article? Perfect, because today we explain to you how it is possible to act. Let’s go !

Where to start ?

Identify inactive people in your database

Every company has its own definition of inactivity. However the latter is evaluated according to 2 elements: the average frequency of purchase and the sector of activity.

Send a campaign containing a last chance offer

The last chance offer must be tailored to your industry. Beyond the chosen offer, it is an opportunity to remind your inactive customers of the reinsurance elements of your brand and why not, to redirect them to a satisfaction questionnaire that will allow you to understand the reasons for its non -venue.

Analyze the performance of your inactive campaign

Depending on the observed results, you can adjust the contents and triggers. Work in test and learn mode to optimize your actions.

Delete inactive contacts that have not responded to this last communication

It is better to delete these so as not to taint the quality of your database. Moreover, your deliverability will only be better.

Note that the acquisition cost of an inactive customer is less important than that of a new customer. It is therefore useless to hesitate too long to take action!

The best thing is still to prevent inactivity with a retention campaign

To prevent the customer from falling into the inactive customers segment, it is necessary to intervene upstream on all the customer segments in order not to let a customer lose frequency. This involves working on the relational aspect of the customer journey via a retention campaign.

How to do?

Define customer segments and their average purchase frequency

This information will identify the right trigger, the one that will make the difference to a defined target.

Define the type of offer according to customer segments

Adapt the device to each of your segments then test them.

Automate the campaign

Indeed, you can integrate it as a customer journey in its own right to optimize the results.

Analyze, analyze, analyze …

As always, the final analysis of the results is essential. It will allow you to adjust content and triggers based on performance.

In addition, try other channels of reactivation that email such as online retargeting campaigns, sms, or push notifications in the case of mobile applications or print if you have a little more budget.

Written on Jun 2, 2018.