The Pros and Cons of Children Playing Online Games

The internet started out in the 1960s as a research project of American military agencies to build robust, fault-tolerant, and distributed computer networks. It was estimated in 2009 that a quarter of the world’s population are internet users. After more than 50 years, it is still being used for communicating but has now also become a lifestyle which is present in most parts of the globe. It was primarily used for communicating purposes and the ways of using it for communication expanded. Heck! Its use and purpose has expanded! Aside from communication, it is currently being used for research, shopping, and entertainment aside from communication. Speaking of entertainment, one way to entertain oneself online is by playing games. And a popular audience has been reached and has embraced online games. Most children are now engrossed in playing online games so many companies have endeavored on creating virtual world for kids. But is the popularity of online games a good or bad thing?

Although most companies, aside from benefitting financially, aim to entertain children, there are still some disadvantages when kids play online games. These internet-accessed games could affect their school performance, physical health, and face-to-face social interactions. Also, some

The Good And Bad Side Of Online Games

Gone are those good olden days when children used to play in group as families used to be joint family and had many children. There has been a paradigm shift presently in the lifestyle giving in to smaller nuclear families with one or two child, with both parents working to make ends meet more comfortably. There was no problem in joint family regarding looking after the children because someone was always there to look after them. In nuclear families where both the parents had to go out to work, there online games offer huge aid as an effective baby sitter that not only makes a child sit at one place, but also heightens his/ her perceptual power and responses.

The web is abundant with a wide diversity of online games, ranging from action and adventure to puzzles and word games. The variety of online games excites the children to play with initial assistance, wherever necessary. Bright and colorful animations provided by these online games on interactive basis are enough to catch the attention of the children as well as the grown up people. Particularly the online games having the domino effects cast a spell on the young children.

Online games

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Games Online For Girls

Boys and girls are diametrically opposite to each other and that even applies to their choice of games. The internet is full of video-games but the choices for both the girls and boys are completely different. While boys prefer games like shooting, racing, and other war types that involve some degree of adrenaline rush and aggressiveness, that’s a lot to ask of girls. However, today, the internet is full of games dedicated to girls.

Games for Girls

With an increase in the number of female users of the net, the popularity of girl-games online has increased exponentially in the recent years. Some of the choices available to the girls are as follows:

* Cooking Games: Though not completely dedicated to girls, these games involve many activities that are enjoyed by girls. These include pizza making, running cake stores, restaurants, dessert stores, and various others. Though the exact specifications differ from game to game, there are many games that even allow the person to create her own recipe or follow some other recipes. This increases the motivation regarding experimentation and innovation without creating any kind of mess.

* Dance Games: Other popular choices for girls regarding games are those relating

Accessorizing Video Game Consoles Cables, Headsets And More

Its 2008 and the gaming world has never looked better. Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way video games are played and experienced. With bold innovation, game developers are channeling the best in hi-tech electronics to deliver mind-blowing video game titles. In addition to the games, video game consoles are now a platform for entertainment in its many forms. Social networking and home theater technology has changed gaming consoles. As a result, video game consoles also come with a host of video game accessories that are not only important for chatting, watching movies or viewing photographs but also enhance game play.

Home theater entertainment is about hi-def and nothing less. HDMI is the new video game cable standard, set by Sonys Play Station 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Characterized by astounding picture quality, high definition games truly introduce virtual reality. Systems using older technology, like the Wii cables, arent really able to match the quality of a high definition signal. Nevertheless S-video cables, component cables and composite cables, which have all been used in the past, are integral to many video game consoles.

With the advent of multiplayer gaming through Xbox Live and, more recently, the Play Station Network,